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April 2nd, 2006

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11:57 pm - so please understand
So, it's Sunday night in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It's the Juno Awards. Not really like the Grammys. Is Canadian, you see. Pamela Anderson (also Canadian) hosted the festivities and made snarky comments about the plight of the baby seals.

I saw many people downtown today lined up to get next to the red carpet, but came home and watched the whole thing on the TV instead. I did get to thinking about Canadian music. So, do you know any? Beyond Celine Dion and Anne Murray, I mean.

Okay, then. Let's try for a broader spectrum.

Metric | website | myspace

They do get around, these northern folk. Lovely, loud and miraculous. Joyfully agressive. Good lord, I love adjectives.

Great Big Sea | website | myspace

The good boys from Newfoundland sing the sea shanties we love. Traditional tunes mixed with newer material, and a boggling REM cover in there somewhere.

Sloan | website | myspace

I do live in Halifax now, so I have to mention some excellent Nova Scotian lads who most decidedly are not known for playing traditional music. Not so much with the fiddles as with the guitars. Canada rocks, and so does this lot.

Noah 23 | website | myspace

I did spend a couple years in Guelph, after all. Hip hop, could possibly be described as underground. The man has an ongoing fascination with biology. Smart words, good sound.

Tanya Tagaq | website | myspace

Traditional Inuit throat singing meets modern music sensibilities and makes something rich and strange. Very, very strange. Unspeakably good, though. Very creative breath.

Bedouin Soundclash | website | myspace

Lovely to look at, lovely to behold. Wait, that's the same thing. Notwithstanding their excellent taste in hats, they've got some sweet alt-reggae that soothes you something awesome. When the Night Hears My Song has been getting near-constant radio play up here, and I have yet to grow weary of it.
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