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March 19th, 2006

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02:36 pm - you should find where you belong
Good-bye Chunky Rice, by Craig Thompson.
ISBN 1-891830-09-0

I suppose I should really be writing about his more recent book, Blankets, but I've lent it to my roommate and will not interrupt her til she's done. I'm too thrilled that I got her to read something. And this one is also worth your time.

Besides, I can do that one later.

This is a graphic novella. The art is unspeakably gorgeous, black and white and painstaking, with strong and expressive lines. The story meanders between unspeakably cute and disturbing and profound.

And the main character is a talking turtle named Chunky Rice.

I'm hoping I haven't lost you, here.

Chunky Rice listens to Motown. His best friend is a mouse named Dandel. He's leaving home and travelling to the Kahootney Islands, and may never return. He's standing on the edge of a great adventure, but is leaving behind more than he expected to. The story is a tangled one, about love and friendship and farewell, and distance that grows without becoming absolute.

And I'm madly in love with it. So should you be.

Go harass your library.
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