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about time we started this up again - contagious enthusiasm

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October 12th, 2006

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11:12 am - about time we started this up again
Pieces of April, written and directed by Peter Hedges.

With Canadian Thanksgiving just past, and American Thanksgiving next month, here is a movie for you.

News: Katie Holmes can act.

I know, I was surprised too. But this movie was good. Low budget, in fact as well as aesthetic. All about how the other daughter tries to make a holiday meal for her estranged family, when until now she's been using the oven as a shoe rack. A delightful cameo by Sean Hayes (Jack on Will and Grace) as a creepy neighbour obsessed with his dog.

The ending is picture perfect. This movie is no turkey.

What, I can't make the bad pun?


Sars Wars: Bangkok Zombie Crisis (Khun krabii hiiroh), directed by Taweewat Wantha.

This one is for Halloween.

Dude. Seriously.

Think Shaun of the Dead made in Thailand. Still not quite right. Think parody, though. This movie knows how bad it is, and glories in it. So throw in a dose of Airplane and Snakes on a Plane for good measure, only without the planes. And still made in Thailand.

The deadly virus Sars 4 has made its way from Africa to Bangkok via a flying cockroach and a travel montage. Kidnapping, quarantine, zombified pets, explosions, noodles, references to film censors, nude heroism, a battery powered sword, a lady scientist with unexpected style, and an angry pregnant woman all ensue.

I cannot explain. I can only tell you that it is good.


Hedwig and the Angry Inch, directed by John Cameron Mitchell.

A musical. No, a rock opera.

About a transexual rocker from Berlin on a quest for her other half. Hedwig is impossible and brilliant.

I think I need to get the soundtrack.

Origin of Love
Wig in a Box
Current Music: hedwig

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